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2017/06 Do You Really Need a Responsive Website?

Submitted by 3CtreamAdmin on Sun, 06/11/2017 - 21:58
It might seem it’s a bit late to be raising the question. Late last year we knew mobile web browsing had overtaken desktop browsing. We spend 60% of our time online using social media and other web apps. Already in the fourth quarter of 2014 sales of mobile devices surpassed sales of desktop PCs. Dozens of stats point to the fact that we are living in a mobile age, and yet ... Why do we build a website?

2017/05 Our Relationship with (Tech) Things

Submitted by 3CtreamAdmin on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 08:42
We talk about the Internet of Things, which is ironic because we seem to treat it just like a thing.  In our disposable society, when something is broken we throw it away.  Indeed most things seem to be designed to meet that end - they are too expensive to repair or are simply impossible to.  So, we buy the next version, Thing 1.1, and are pretty happy with it until it too breaks. "New" soon becomes "Old".